Maran Tejarat

About Maran Tejarat

In 2012, Maran Tejarat officially started its journey by supplying quality resin and coating industry raw materials to different parts of Iran. The company developed rapidly and through its journey established strong business relationships with reputable European and Asian manufacturers and suppliers. The company soon dominated the domestic market and gained a significant amount of knowledge and experience in the international trading market. We are very proud of our achievements. Taking advantage of our industry knowledge, experience, and our team of experts, in 2020, it was decided to expand our brand and enter the international market, through the supply of raw materials and equipment abroad.
In Maran Tejarat , we are committed to providing value for money by supplying high quality Iranian raw materials and equipment to our global customers. This is our main mission. To achieve our goal, we have extensively investigated the international and domestic industry and market, observed and attended a number of trade exhibitions and established business connections with merchants of other countries. We are also very active on social media. Maran Tejarat communicates with domestic and international manufacturers either directly or via our business partners.
Our vision is to provide amazing customer service and deliver value for money products which benefits both manufacturers and consumers.