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Adhesive industry

Maran Tejarat Company is a supplier of chemical raw materials in the field of glue. The raw materials used for the adhesive industry available in the warehouses of Maran Tejarat company, according to general applications, are as follows:

Types of petrozin: used in thermal adhesives and solvent-based adhesives

 Polyvinyl alcohol: used in wood and paper adhesives

 Tetrahydrofuran and cyclohexanone solvents: used in solvent-based adhesives

 Acrylate monomers: used in the production of water-based adhesives

 Tyloz: production of building industry adhesives, tile adhesive

How to make glue and its raw materials

As you know better, glue is one of the materials that is in great demand in most industries. Adhesives are produced in different models an can be used for gluing different materials based on their strength. In this article, we are going to give you explanations about how to make adhesives and their raw materials. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay with us.

It can be said that glue is one of the oldest materials used for gluing different objects. Adhesives can be used for very simple cases or very difficult cases such as in the automotive industry. We can safely say that glue is very important in human life now. In fact, the use of high-quality raw materials has made all types of adhesives work properly and can meet our needs. Our collection, which has been working for many years in the field of raw material supply and glue production, can offer all kinds of glue making pipe materials with the highest possible quality.

Glue production steps

In general, all substances that have adhesive properties are called glues, which are in liquid form and dry after a while, which will eventually cause different objects to stick to each other. It is necessary to know that most adhesives are produced from organic raw materials such as animal collagen.

Of course, some others are made of materials such as polyvinyl alcohol, tylose, acrylate monomers, etc., in each of these materials, cement or poison may also be used for greater adhesion. Among other types of adhesive materials, it can be He also mentioned epoxy, whose properties are very close to glue. As mentioned, there are different types of adhesives, each of which is specific to a specific task, and therefore their production process may be different from one another. But in any case, the production of glue is not very complicated and is easily understood.

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In general, a series of raw materials are used to produce different adhesives. Maran Tejarat Company has been operating in the field of supplying chemical raw materials for glue for many years and provides all raw materials with high quality to glue manufacturers. As mentioned, animal collagen was used to produce organic glue in ancient times as well as now


In fact, horses are one of the main sources of making glue because their body has a lot of collagen, which is very necessary for making glue. But now, more chemicals have replaced organic materials and can make the production process much easier.از جمله اصلی ‌ترین مواد The following can be mentioned for the primary purpose of glue production:

Types of petrozinum

This type of raw material is used in the production of thermal adhesives and solvent-based adhesives.

Polyvinyl alcohol

In fact, it is the raw material for making glues that are suitable for wood and paper. You can contact our experts to prepare this type of material.

Tetrahydrofuran and cyclohexanone solvents

Most of the adhesives have a solvent base, these types of raw materials have been used and they have performed well until today.

Acrylate monomers

Some adhesives are water-based and acrylate monomers are used to make them.



In order to produce stronger adhesives such as liquid tile adhesive and other adhesives used in the construction industry, tylose is widely used.

Export of adhesive raw materials

Fortunately, our country is at a high level in the field of glue production and supply of raw materials. Currently, many centers provide raw materials for glue, resin, ink and paint, paint and coating, etc. Maran Tejarat Company, which is one of the top suppliers of adhesive raw materials in the country, has been exporting adhesive raw materials for several years and exports the mentioned raw materials to foreign countries. For more information, you can contact the experts of Maran Tejarat Group.