Since 2020, Maran Tejarat started its export activity with the specific purpose of adding value to the domestic production and industry, and delivering the best possible products to the customers with an optimized supply chain, focusing primarily on Asian and west African market.

We are active in exporting casting raw materials such as Ferrosilicon, Pig Iron Ingot and also petrochemical solvents, paints and adhesives. We also have many successful experiences in exporting different types of furniture, Iranian carpet, luster and various accessories for interior decoration.

Our expert team can provide customers with all matters related to consulting and export services.

The services provided in this case are as follows:

1. Searching for suppliers and evaluating them.

2. Performing Technical examination on products and checking their compliance with customer’s requirements.

3. Selecting the best supplier according to the evaluations.

4. Providing financial services including facilitating the terms of money transfer and submitting a financial report to the customer.

5. Transportation services including the necessary overseas and inland coordinates for the carriage of goods and scheduling the loading of the materials in the origin country.

6. Coordinating the inspection and quality control of goods at the origin or destination based on the client’s request.

7. Performing customs clearance operations