Epoxy and polyurethane paint

         Zinc rich polyamide epoxy primer 

         Zinc phosphate polyamide epoxy primer 

         Zinc chromate polyamide epoxy primer 

         Red iron oxide Polyamide epoxy primer 

         Micaceous iron oxide polyamide epoxy

         HIGH BUILD polyamide epoxy intermediate paint 

         Polyamide epoxy surface paint 

         Epoxy primer for drinking water 

         Glass flake epoxy paint 

         Phenolic epoxy surface paint 

         polyurethane surface paint


Epoxy floor coating, polyurethane floor coating

         Epoxy flooring Self Storage uniform 

         Flooring self-uniform polyurethane lubricating


Alkyd Paint

         Zinc phosphate alkyd primer 

         Zinc chromate alkyd primer 

         Red iron oxide alkyd primer 

         Micaceous iron oxide alkyd paint

         Intermediate alkyd paint dried 

         Air drying alkyd paint scheme 

         Melamine alkyd surface paint furnace


Silicon Paint

         Alkyd paints resistant to 200 ° C

         Heat-resistant silicone acrylic paint 400 ° C

         Heat-resistant silicone acrylic paint 600 ° C


Other specialized paint

         Coal tar epoxy amine

         Polyamide epoxy paint coal tar

         Zinc Rich Primer ethyl silicate